Becoming Superhuman

--- Jeff Gibbard ---

What does it take to become superhuman? That's what this show explores. With thoughtful explorations and insights about work, society, and culture, we dig into the areas of life where human potential can be unleashed. This podcast accompanies a blog and newsletter.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. My Annual Planning Process

    I love the beginning and end of the year more than any other time. As a strategy-obsessed and goal-oriented person with countless projects, ideas, and ambitions, only January and December present an opportunity where I feel that I can truly breath, think, reflect, and plan. For me, the rest of the ...


  2. My 3 Words For 2022

    If you’re not familiar with My Three Words yet, please read this page for more context. As I’ve done every year since 2013, here are my three words for the year. Author I wrote a book…and I’m really proud of it. It is being released on January 25th, 2022. I am now ...


  3. 2021 Retrospective

    As part of my commitment to growth and belief in the importance of self-reflection, I’m adding a new component to this blog, newsletter, and podcast: retrospectives. The purpose of the retrospective is pulled directly from Agile Methodology. As stated in the Principles from the Agile Manifesto: At regular intervals, the ...


  4. Who do you work for?

    All of the worst jobs I’ve ever had in my career were the ones where I worked for somebody else. The only times I’ve ever felt truly happy in my career are the times where I was working for myself. About two years ago I made a pretty fundamental shift in ...


  5. Brand and The Search For Meaning

    I’ve been doing Brand work off and on, in some capacity, for about a decade. Most of the time I didn’t think of it or call it Brand work. In retrospect, it’s obvious to me now that it was. Brand, for too long, has been placed inside of the marketing department and, ...