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Becoming Superhuman

What does it take to become superhuman? That's what this show explores. With thoughtful explorations and insights about work, society, and culture, we dig into the areas of life where human potential can be unleashed....more

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September 01, 2022

The remarkable similarities between unhealthy masculinity and bad leadership

What’s your favorite movie of all time? Until recently, I had a number of movies vying for the title of “Jeff’s favorite movie.” I wouldn’t fault you for thinking it’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. I love that movie, it’s easily my second favorite movie of all time. Dead Poets Society made a huge impact on me at an important time in my life. Countless other movies have made it into the top 3, at various points of my life. Recently, I came across a movie that resonated with me in every possible way. It was exciting, engaging, thought-provoking, and emotionally touching. Immediately after the closing credits started rolling after my first viewing, I knew it was my favorite movie of all time. The movie is called Everything Everywhere All at Once. Whether or not you’ve seen it, we’re going to extract an important lesson from it. I’ll give you all of the context you need. However, I think we should start somewhere familiar… Who are our Leaders and Heroes? Quick! Think of a superhero. Chances are, most of you reading this thought of one of the following: Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, or possibly Wolverine. These are some of the most popular characters as well being some of the longest running publications. When we think of Leaders, a similar phenomenon occurs — we often think of men, first. In both of these cases, we have an unconscious bias that is largely a result of the availability heuristic (”rule of thumb”). The availability bias shows we are generally more likely to recall things that we see frequently or that stand out. In many cases, these biases can lead us to make incorrect conclusions as Daniel Kahneman points out in ...



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August 25, 2022

Working in Public

“Hey Jeff, what’s new?” Oh, nothing much. Same old, same old. Do you ever do that, or is it just me? People ask “how you are” or “what’s new in your world” and you skate right past it into “just another day in paradise.” Not today! I do a lot behind-the-scenes and often don’t talk about my projects until they are published. This is odd since I’ve long been an advocate for documenting your process and sharing your work along the way. So, today, I’m going to follow my own advice and share what I’ve been working on. Nearly all of these are works in progress and not ready for prime time, so please take these with a grain of salt and be kind. Here are 10 things I’m working on right now outside of the work I do with my clients. My clients always take precedence over the following. These are the projects I work on late at night when the emails stop coming in and my mind is free to focus on passion projects. 1. A Website that’ll knock your socks off Websites are never “done.” There’s always something to add, update, refresh, or retire. My current website hasn’t done a good job of showcasing my work as a speaker and workshop trainer. It’s hard to navigate and especially not good at surfacing the “best of” content. The new site addresses many of these shortcomings with a much improved design. If you’re brave enough to poke around an unfinished staging site, I’ll give YOU a sneak peek. You know, because I like you. View the staging site. 2. A Game-Changing Podcast Network: Shareable.fm I’ve mentioned it here and there but it’s just about ready for ...



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August 15, 2022

States of Awareness

How much do you know about neurodiversity? How about race, gender, sexuality, class, or ableness? I wasn’t “officially” diagnosed with ADHD until college, in the late 90’s. At that time, much less was known about ADHD, and far less was shared openly. The methods of treatment on offer could be boiled down to a handful of medications, all of which seemed to have the same goal of “correcting” my brain to be more “normal.” It wasn’t until many years later, after several unsuccessful rounds of medication that I found what worked for me: embracing the gifts of ADHD, acknowledging and communicating my weaknesses, using systems to stay on track, and putting myself into environments that worked along with my strengths and weaknesses. The real story, however, is about the 20+ years between my first realization and the present day. Discrimination, Gaslighting, and Erasure Throughout my life, people have told me -- to my face -- that “ADHD is not real,” suggesting instead that I was merely lazy or undisciplined. Some have acknowledged that ADHD is real but usually speak about it as little more than a punchline about short attention spans. “Oh man, I’m so ADD right now. LOL” Throughout my formal education, teachers would note my inability to sit still. So many of my teachers would say the same things. These phrases haunt me to this day. “Jeffrey is very smart if he would only just apply himself. I’m afraid if he doesn’t learn to sit still or follow directions, he’ll never reach his full potential.” At work, I would receive praise for my creativity and strategic insights, my willingness to stay late, and my ability to perform at a very high level with little preparation. Yet, ...



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August 01, 2022

Just Do...Something

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or even someone responsible for your company’s marketing, it’s your job to make some noise. It’s your job to let people know you exist and explain what you do, why they should want it, and how they can get it. And yet, after 15 years in the business of helping folx who want that, it’s time to let the secret out: most don’t do it. I’m not even saying they don’t do it well, I’m saying they don’t do it, at all. This represents one of the biggest opportunities in marketing today; doing something, literally, anything at all. Because too many people and companies are so busy trying to pick what to do, arguing about where they should do it, and worrying about how they’ll do it, they spend years never publishing a single thing. So today, I’m going to give you the formula I’ve used to —so far— produce: More than 1,270 blog postsAround than 300 podcast episodesAround 450 Youtube videosAround 44,600 TweetsAround 1,800 Instagram postsHundreds, maybe thousands of Linkedin and Facebook posts 1. Pick a thing to do It’s easy to look at someone who publishes a lot and think that’s where they started. They didn’t. Trust me. They started at the beginning…just like everyone else. They probably started doing one thing and once they found a rhythm, they just kept adding things. It’s either that or they found a way to maximize output without dramatically increasing input — more on that later. Some choose Youtube as their thing. Some like podcasting. Others are writers. Pick a thing. Just one and do something…literally, anything at all. It doesn’t really matter. Pick something that sounds fun. 2. Build a system Now that you’ve picked a ...



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June 30, 2022

Embrace the Mission, or Hide?

In May of 2008, noted technology-genius and Billionaire weapons dealer Anthony Edward Stark, was kindnapped from a weapons demonstration at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan, and held hostage. At a press conference following his escape, Mr. Stark reflected upon his role in the world and in a surprise announcement swore that he would never sell weapons again. After years of being a primary accomplice in a system that made the world a more dangerous place, Mr. Stark sought to use his powers to protect people and try to make the world safer. While Stark Industries carried on, the focus of the organization changed. Business continued, but with a different perspective. All of this was brought about by a traumatic and sobering event in Mr. Stark’s life that triggered a turning point. Putting aside the obvious anti-Islamic undertones, the glorified pro-military propaganda, and the myth of lone, heterosexual, playboy, white male, super-genius that’s coming to save us…I think we can learn something from Iron Man. The Mission Pepper Potts had been working for Tony Stark for years, complicit and supportive of him as he created and sold weapons of mass destruction. When he changed course, she was initially reluctant to help. Many of us have been present and complicit in the presence of things that (sadly) seemed normal: racist jokes or comments casual misogny and misogynoir homophobia or transphobia Maybe we were unaware of our role in it or maybe we didn’t want to confront our role in it. Maybe we didn’t want to make our peers uncomfortable while they were making others uncomfortable. Maybe, later on, we were even quiet or uninvolved when we saw a particular group losing their rights or going through a struggle that we, personally, would likely ...



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June 16, 2022

Dig Past Predictable

It is far easier to say what you want than it is to create the conditions to get what you want. I’ve been consulting clients in some form or fashion for the last 14 years and over that time, I’ve noticed something. Whenever I'm doing an assessment or an inquiry with a new client — which is the basis of most of my work as a strategist — the initial responses I often get back are not deep and thoughtful, but rather something entirely predictable. This is not a criticism, it's an observation. It’s not until we go several more rounds of investigation that we actually extract something meaningful and unique. What usually follows is a realization of just how much work needs to be done to execute these new and unique insights. The project is either then abandoned in favor of the easy route: doing nothing and preserving the status quo, or it is implemented in a watered-down way so as to render it a fruitless exercise. Let me give you some tangible examples and then let’s work through an alternative approach. Hiring Are you hiring right now? What kind of candidate are you looking for? When given the opportunity to envision their ideal employees, most owners, and managers will list off a garden variety of predictable traits, such as hard-working, responsible, loyal, ambitious, high attention to detail, creative, professional, great positive attitude, and so on… All businesses want this because, obviously, why wouldn't they? But if we’re just going to paint the picture of the perfect worker robot, we may as well throw in that the ideal candidate also chooses to work for free, and shouts company praise from the rooftops every weekend. Let's ...